Skin Reset - Organic Lavender


Press the reset button on your skin.

A calming routine that promotes the appearance of healthy, calm, vibrant skin.

Perfect for all skin types.

What it is: Cleansing pads made with pure organic lavender tea 

Why It's Special:

  • Lavender tea has natural calming and anti-fungal properties that help clear skin, reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation
  • Perfect for cleansing dry and delicate skin types, or all skin types in need of a gentle touch and light hydration
  • Gently exfoliates and removes excess oil, makeup, and debris without upsetting the natural balance of your complexion
  • Soothes a variety of skin irritations
  • Lavender treats and brightens skin discoloration and dark spots


Our pads are made of 100% vegetable fiber and can be safely disposed of with food waste. They will naturally decompose within 6-8 weeks.

*Each pad can be used from 1 to 3 times. Once wet dispose of it after 48 hours.


Let it Soak & Soften:

Soften the pad under warm tap water

or by letting the tea infuse in a bowl for 3 minutes.



Gently massage your face in circular motion,

either with or without your favourite cleanser. 


Formulated and made with love in Europe.
Has natural calming and anti-fungal properties that help reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation.
Vegetable fibers provide gentle exfoliation

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