Best for ultra sensitive skin

Hydrate & Repair Treatment Kit


What is it?

An organic skin healing duo. Reusable tea & konjac cleansing pads with plant-based treatment mask.

Why is it special?

  • Formulated to treat sensitive skin irritations such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or dermatitis.
  • Gently soothes skin redness and inflammation through gentle exfoliation and nourishment.
  • Naturally treats dark spots, skin discoloration, and post-acne scarring to promote a visibly even skin tone.
  • Made with 100% organic ingredients that provide visible results after 1-3 weeks of consistent use


30-Day Money
Back Guarantee




I have been struggling with Topical Steroid Withdrawal and this made my healing process a lot easier.
I use it on my face and elbows and I have seen a massive improvement in 5 days. Thank you!”

- Amy

Handmade with wild harvested ingredients.

Plants & herbs with skin-healing properties.

Soothe & Calm

with Chamomile Tea

Soothes sensitive skin irritations such as eczema and rosacea.
Rich in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties. Helps speed up healing & minimize breakouts.

Reduce Inflammation

with Calendula Tea

Reduces redness & inflammation with its natural antiseptic & antifungal properties. Helps soothe eczema & heal wounds. Also deeply hydrates & nourishes skin.

Speed Up Healing

with St John’s Wort

Relieves skin irritations & speeds up skin healing with its antibacterial properties. Helps heal eczema, wounds, mild burns, sunburns, hemorrhoids.

Relieve Irritations

with Wild Pansy

Effectively helps ease eczema, psoriasis, acne, and more. Used for its healing, cleansing, & skin soothing properties.

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None of the nasty stuff.





How It Works:

Hydrate & Repair Skincare Routine

Step 1

Cleanse with Organic Chamomile Tea pads

Perfect for ultra sensitive skin:

  • 💧 Chamomile tea works to hydrate the skin, soothe and relieve irritations such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or dermatitis.
  • 🌿 Konjac fibers gently exfoliate skin while cleansing pores of dirt, excess sebum, and other impurities.
  • 🍃 Natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that speed up the skin repair process, minimizing redness and flare-ups.

Step 2

Treat & moisturise with Heal N’ Glow ointment

A soothing blend of 5 wild-harvested plants formulated to repair, calm, and nourish skin:

  • 🌼 Arnica helps with swelling and skin discoloration caused by acne scars
  • 💐 Cornflower has anti-inflammatory and calming properties
  • 🌸 Calendula perfect for soothing skin irritation and redness, a powerful antioxidant that slows the development of wrinkles, keeping skin hydrated, nourished, and healthy
  • 🌾 St. John’s Wort helps acne, eczema, and keeps pores clear
  • 🌺 Wild Pansy helps boost skin glow, protect, nourish, and deeply moisturize
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Hydrate & Repair Ultra Sensitive Skin

(30-day Supply)

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(60-day supply)

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(30-day supply)

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Regain Confidence In Your Natural Skin

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One box of tea pads lasts up for up to 30 days.

Formulated to soothe and heal inflammatory skin conditions.

Tested & approved by our communi-tea.

Loved By Our Communi-tea


2 weeks ago

Love this balm! 😍 I use it after cleansing and I noticed a big difference on my skin, less red and calmed breakouts.


2 weeks ago

Worth every penny! 🙌 I’ve been struggling with TSW. I’ve seen a massive improvement in 5 days. Thank you!


2 weeks ago

I have been trying these @faceittea face wash pads for a month now and I love it. ✨ It really makes a huge improvement in my skin.


2 weeks ago

It’s working. 💗I have a few scars left from painful blemishes, which has started to fade after a few days of use.


2 weeks ago

Good morning ☀ Finally the sun comes! It is important to exfoliate the skin and this morning I decided to do it with @faceittea tea filters.


3 weeks ago

Good morning friends! Today in view of the sea 🌊 I tried the new @faceittea facial exfoliator.


3 weeks ago

🌿 My skin is already looking healthier and more even in colour and blemishes are definitely fading.


1 month ago

Love my Sunday rituals including @faceittea 🌱💕🤗


1 month ago

💧 I’ve been using @faceittea 100% Chamomile & Pure Konjac Facial Cleansing Pads in the evenings and refresh my skin in the mornings.


1 month ago

Really helps my skin. I have acne and scars and it really calms them down. I put it on before bed like a sleep mask. 🌜

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

Shipping Within the UK takes 3-5 working days. And shipping world-wide takes 5-7 working days. Our products are shipped from the United Kingdom and are insured and tracked. You will receive delivery updates throughout the delivery process.

Can I change my delivery address or cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your order or change your address once your parcel has been dispatched. We encourage you to always double-check your address before placing your order. If you wish to cancel your order after it has been dispatched you will need to wait for it to reach you and either reject delivery or return your order back to us for a refund. Shipping cost will be deducted from all refunds.

Are all the ingredients in Faceittea vegan friendly?

Yes, All our products are cruelty free and are vegan.

Are Faceittea products safe during pregnancy and breast feeding?

Congratulations! We wish you all the best with your pregnancy. Yes, our products are safe during pregnancy. If you have serious concerns, we recommend talking to your GP. However, our products do not contain any chemicals that will harm you or the baby.

How long should you cleanse to get the full benefits from the ingredients?

1-2 minutes is more than enough.

Should you leave them to dry in a particular way?

Just make sure you rinse them and let them dry in a clean dry place, or if you want to prepare it for the next use, next morning/evening you can leave it in a glass of water and get a strong brew that can be used to rinse your face.

Are they best used morning or evening, or twice a day?

For the best results we advise to use them morning and evening. Some people also enjoy keeping it in a glass of water throughout the day and using it from time to time to refresh their face, when working from home or having a picnic in the garden etc.

Do you see results in just one use?

As it is so natural you won't see results from the first use. However you will see a significant improvement in your skin quality after the first week of use.

Can my teenage daughter use this?

Yes she can! It is a great and natural way for her to start her cleansing journey without using harmful chemicals.

How many uses do you have with one Faceittea cleansing pad?

1-3 uses. However once wet make sure to dispose within 48h.

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