FACEITTEA are biodegradable facial cleansing pads that are made from organic tea and vegetable fibre coating. While original in its current application, the idea is deeply woven into antique skincare traditions – wherein females in old families have been exposed to the wisdoms of tea-water’s purifying effect on facial care for centuries. 


Although this may appear outdated to some, based on scientific research traditional forms of facial cleansing may well be more appropriate than at any other point that came before it. Unknown to most, the tap-water we find in our homes and cities, is no longer the runoff of alpine glaciers or crystal seas. Much rather, the water we are widely exposed to is sanitized, filtered, worked and modified with minerals to ensure necessary health standards are met.


Unfortunately, the side effects of such sanitary measures are that the frequent application of these waters to our skin can cause dehydration, irritations and even facial outbreaks. The golden question prevails. What can be done? Well, beauty and boutique companies have encouraged the belief that complex – and therefore justifiably expensive - hydration lotions offer the only remedy. Though surely both effective and often necessary, using conventional lotions seems insufficient as it deals with the symptoms rather than the underlying causes. Let us not forget dry skin and outbreaks are commonly rooted in a self-inflicted problem: cleansing with conventional tap-water. 


Naturally, substituting irrigated water with a rejuvenating alternative can act as a fundamental catalyst in rebuilding and maintaining healthy fulgent skin. FACEITTEA offers not only a replacement to prevent impairments from occurring, but its organically crafted synthesis offers an ocean of benefits. While not limited to the following, the most notable advantages come from natural antiseptics proven to enhance cleansing and hydration, as well as soothing bio antioxidants to calm inflammations. 


Where most brands offer a quick-fix solution, FACEITTEA once more draws on traditional wisdoms to unleash nature’s true potential. Therefore, rather than vouching for a quick-apply, our methodologies are consciously catered to those seeking to slow down time and foster foundational change. Herein we deem the rituals as being closely aligned with outcomes, wherein the patient brewing of FACEITTEA pads releases additional relaxing aromas in the process of maturing and freeing up natural revitalizers.  


Turn your routine into a thorough clean.