Basil is one of nature’s most powerful adaptogenic herbs. It has a remarkable effect upon the human body – most visibility in its ability to relieve stress.  Packed full of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, basil defends against short- and long-term stress, and works to restore a state of equilibrium within the body.  Used medicinally for over 3000 years, this herb is clearly a time-tested and effective natural remedy.




Stress disrupts our hormones, causing imbalances which take a toll on our skin. Excess sebum, acne and hyperpigmentation are all classic signs that the body is under stress.  When incorporated into skincare, basil targets these stress symptoms by naturally balancing our hormone levels. In doing so, basil works to reduce and control sebum production, preventing the skin from becoming oily and irritated. It also proves effective against clogged pores and blackheads, as it helps to neutralise the bacteria that cause these blockages.


Basil’s pore-cleansing abilities heal pimples and blemishes by drawing toxins from the skin and soothing irritation. This in turn prevents the skin from becoming inflamed, significantly reducing the likelihood of breakouts. It is therefore no surprise that this powerful herb does wonders for acne-prone skin, leaving even the most trouble complexions feeling fresh, clear and toxin-free.


Pore-cleansing and acne-fighting properties aside, basil protects against future damage to your skin. As an adaptogen, basil helps us adjust to environmental stressors, building our skin’s natural resilience to harmful pollutants and UV light. This means fewer fine lines, less pigmentation and ultimately a brighter, more balanced complexion for years to come.


Our Holy Skin facial cleansing pads are made from organic Basil tea, coated in Aloe Konjac. This product has been especially formulated to harness the capabilities of this unique herb and transpose them into your everyday skincare routine.