It is no secret that even the cleanest of industries leave a trail of dirt. With over 120 billion units of packaging each year, the beauty industry one of the largest contributor of plastic waste in the world. As more than 90% of petroleum-based polymers remain unrecyclable, Faceittea feels all parties operating in this delicate space have a moral obligation to assume accountability and take responsibility for the lifecycle of their products. 



Indeed, it strikes us as somewhat counter-intuitive that the very products used to enhance and maintain personal wellness, rejuvenation and regeneration become a driving force of destruction outside of the immediate periphery of consumers. And even here, the irony looms large. Beyond the sheer volume in waste produced via packaging, many cleansing products such as standard facial wipes contain polyesters, which shed thousands of micro-plastics during and after use.

While underreported by most of the industry, recent reports published by the World Health Organization worryingly point out that typical non-ecological products result in the contamination of our aquatic systems, with an average of 1,000 plastic micro-particles per litre. Consequentially, the toxins we wash away come back in drinking water the very next day. 

Faceittea has therefore vowed to ensure its products align with the highest industry standards possible, whereby 100% of our cleansing pads are not merely sustainably sourced, but fully biodegradable. This implies all products are free of any synthetic materials and can be disposed alongside food waste, naturally decaying within six to eight weeks.

Of course, a guilt-free decay should not encourage throwing away. It is for this reason we at Faceittea have devoted significant time to striking the perfect balance between reusability and sustainability. While our products decompose swiftly in nature, their structure is maintained in household settings, ensuring a single drenched pad is reusable up to three times within 48 hours.


For the planet. From skin that cares.