When scrolling through the product page of your favorite skincare brand’s website, you may often encounter products that are plant-based. Facial cleansers infused with green tea extract, toners with witch hazel, or anti-wrinkle serums made with ginseng.

Plants are more than just making your home cozier and cleaning the air. It has been proven and tested by the experts that herbs for skincare products can deliver amazing results. For example, if you have ever suffered from a bad sunburn, you may have found relief in a soothing aloe vera gel.


What is plant-based, herbal skincare?

Plant-based skincare products are made entirely from ingredients that are derived from plants such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and herbs.

Using herbs for skincare is an ancient tradition practiced for thousands of years because using herbs as active ingredients are healthy, nourishing, healing, soothing, and highly beneficial for the skin.

Benefits of plant-based, herbal skincare

One of the benefits of plant-based herbal ingredients, both in medicine and natural skincare, is that your body automatically knows how to process them. 

Herbal ingredients

Plants and herbs are rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, and emollients, which are the perfect building blocks for truly effective complexes that deliver powerful benefits. Using herbs for skincare can help you achieve healthy, luminous, and younger-looking skin. When applied topically, herbs help repair damaged skin tissues, are antibacterial, and help clear troubled skin.

The great thing about using herbs for skincare is that you know you are using ingredients that support skin health and are safe to use. Here, we breakdown each herb’s specific medicinal property that benefits the skin.

1. Plants for healing damaged skin

There are a lot of factors why your skin may become damaged. Burns, sunburns, medical treatments, cuts, and bruises to name a few. When treating damaged skin stick to gentle products that protect and encourage skin regeneration.

Calendula is known to soothe and repair the skin. Its flowers are calming, anti-inflammatory, and has skin healing properties.  Calendula is good for all skin types, especially on sensitive, damaged, prone to acne, and dry skin.

Another plant that heals, soothes, and reduces inflammation of damaged skin is aloe vera. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is perfect for keeping skin calm, hydrated, and plump. The gel from the leaves of aloe vera is used to treat and soothe burns, rough or irritated skin, rashes, insect bites, and wounds. It is also is a wonderful moisturizer that also firms and tones the skin.

2. Skincare herbs for acne and blemishes


Acne, blackheads, and whiteheads are caused by a lot of factors that lead up to increased oil production. If you are suffering from acne, try to reduce stress, keep hydrated, and gently cleanse and treat your skin.

One of the many skincare herbs for acne and blemishes is basil. Basil serves as a natural antiseptic that helps keep pores clear by reducing excess sebum. It is perfect for acne-prone skin or skin with bacterial issues.

Almost the same benefits as basil, green tea contains antioxidants that can control sebum or oil production, inhibit bacterial growth, and reduce inflammation.

3. Herbs for aging and mature skin

Mature skin often comes with age. You would notice that it will become more delicate, dry, and lacking in luminosity and firmness. It may also have wrinkles, larger pores, and hyper-pigmentation.


Aside from the fact that rose flowers smell so good, it is gentle and hydrating to all skin types but great for dry and mature skin for it locks in the moisture your skin needs. The flowers are used for their antiseptic, astringent, hydrating, rejuvenating, and soothing properties. 

Rosemary leaves are antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, rejuvenating, and stimulating. It also helps strengthen capillaries and improve dull and mature skin.


Letting your skin breathe with plant-based skincare products is the most effective way to absorb vitamins and keep your skin hydrated. One of the brands that live up to this herbal for skincare ancient tradition is FaceItTea.

FaceItTea has always been devoted to the idea of plant-based skincare. In fact, its cleansing pads are created with 100% konjac fibers and packed with blended antioxidant-rich plants and powerful medicinal herbs to create skincare products that are clean, zero-waste & effective.